Public Health Emergency Management Committee (PHEMC) meeting

The Hon Regional Minister for Western North, Hon. Richard Ebbah Obeng, called a regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee (PHEMC) meeting, to deliberate on control and preventive measures for the current Monkey pox viral disease outbreak. The meeting, held at the Regional Coordinating council on 21st October 2022, was chaired by the Regional Chief Director, Mr Ebenezar Amoah.

After 2-hours of insightful deliberations, and evidence-based input from the Regional Health Directorate, it was agreed, that public sensitization/ awareness creation at all levels/ platforms to promote the preventive measures- regular hand washing always, use of hand sanitizers, cooking fresh meat well before consumption, washing hands thoroughly after handling fresh meat, avoidance of close contact with affected persons, prompt healthcare seeking behaviour, timely/ adequate isolation and monitoring of affected persons /exposed contacts, should be a priority for all to adhere to.

The general public is hereby urged, to report symptoms such as fever, headaches, joint pains, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, any skin rashes, to the nearest health facility for early detection and management.