To address gender issues e.g. Gender Based Violence (GBV), Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), discrimination, stigmatization, and system responsiveness to such issues in the Western North Region, the Department collaborated with JSI/USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project to help curb some issues.

Through this partnership, the Department of Gender and JSI/USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project organized these activities;

3.1    JSI/USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum Project and its CSO partner collaboration with Department of Gender to engage with faith based organizations and opinion leaders on gender norms that perpetrate GBV, VAC, HIV and violence prevention and response in Western North Region.

 The main objective was to equip participants with knowledge with right based issues (SGBV and HIV) to enable them serve as advocates in their communities and to ensure that participants encourage HIV positive clients to seek appropriate treatment from the health facilities. In attendance were Fifty- six (56) participants from Bodi in the Western North Region. These participants were mobilized by MIDAC comprising of thirty (30) males and twenty-six (26) females. Through discussions, some FBO’s who were of the view that abstinence should be the main talking point in the prevention of HIV/AIDS, they are ready to share their platform with health workers to sensitize their members on the various protection mechanisms. The FBO’s were also willing to be advocates against social issues that impedes the growth of citizens and country.