The Western North Regional Coordinating Director (RCD), Mr. Ebenezer Amoah ended a five-day familiarization tour to all Municipal and District Assemblies in the Region.  The Region have three (3) Municipal and Six (6) District Assemblies. These include Aowin, Bibiani – Anhwiaso – Bekwai, Sefwi Wiawso, Suaman, Bodi, Juaboso, Sefwi Akontombra, Bia East and Bia West Municipal and District Assemblies.

The purpose of the Regional Coordinating Director’s familiarization tour was to be introduced to staff, get to know the locations of all the Municipal and District Assemblies on the map of the Region and most importantly, to interact with staff of the Local Government Service to obtain firsthand challenges facing them in the service as well as their career development aspirations to inform decisions and needed support.

The entourage of the tour included Mr. Ebenezer Amoah, the Regional Coordinating Director, Seth Adomako Sarkordie, Senior Human Resource Manager acting as the Regional Human Resource Manager, Robert Attoh, the Public Relations Officer, Percy Ayamgah, Assistant Director 1 and Esther Amo Tandoh, Human Resource Manager all from the Wesern North Regional Coordinating Council (WNRCC). The Chief Director paid courtesy calls on all Chief Executives in their respective offices to officially inform them of his visit. However, the Chief Executives for Sefwi Akontombra and Juaboso District Assemblies who were engaged in an equally important programs outside their districts could not meet the Chief Director but pledged their support for his visit.

The mode of engagement of staff at the various MMDAs was to combine an address by the Regional Coordinating Director (RCD) and an open forum during which questions from staff were addressed.

The Regional Coordinating Director, Mr. Ebenezer Amoah before his address in all the Assemblies, asked all present to stand and observe a minute silence in remembrance of Hon. Alfred Amoah, the late Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Bibiani – Anhwiaso – Bekwai and his driver, Mr. Samuel Gyasi who lost their lives in a fatal accident at Apendwa in the Eastern Region while returning from Accra to the region.

Also, he extended the Regional Minister, Hon. Richard Ebbah Obeng’s warm felicitation to all and how he would have wished to join the tour to personally introduce the Chief Director to staff but due to ongoing programmes in the region which needed much of his attention, he could not do so.


The Chief Director before his initial remarks implored on staff not to measure him by his height but by his work. According to him, punctuality to and absenteeism from work would be one key area he will monitor to enhance better service delivery and that officers who absent themselves without permission will be queried and sanctioned.

He further directed that, clock-in device systems should be reintroduce by all the Assemblies. Assemblies without such devices should procure one since persons who qualify for promotion interviews will come along with a summary sheet of their attendance together with other relevant documents. In addition, he said, “He does not sit on individual’s promotion, but promotions will be based on merit, skills and competencies”. He then asked members to be apt in their choice of dress they wear to work.

Again, he warned staff to stop using other people’s qualification Certificates most especially those of late friends and relatives to meet promotion requirements. The implication of such practices, according to the Chief Director is increasing number of officers to change of names in the service. Notwithstanding, the service allows change of names on the condition that, it is done with the necessary documentations. i.e. an affidavits from accredited Commissioner of Oath after which the document must be Gazetted. He warned that, anybody found in such manner will be dealt with and be handed over to the police for further prosecution.

By the same token, he advised staff to further their education only in accredited institutions and requested them to be mindful of choosing programs that are irrelevant to the grades they are holding.

Furthermore, the RCD seriously cautioned staff who leaks Assembly’s documents to the public to put a stop to it and must be guided by the oath of secrecy as public service workers. “Any person found in such manner will be seriously dealt with”. He added.